Bear Pride: ISA Students vs Teachers Basketball Game

The Upper School Student Council is a driving force for ISA community spirit. From organising assemblies and school spirit days, to delivering roses for Valentine’s Day, the StuCo has made sure that every community member feels a deep sense of ISA Bear pride. And the student representatives feel that this has been their most productive year yet, thanks to a new initiative: the students vs teachers basketball game!

For the first time ever, students squared off against teachers on the basketball court. It was a chance for students to compete with educators in a friendly match, fostering connections between students and teachers in the spirit of healthy competition. With an audience of over 300 students, teachers, and staff, the energy in the Upper School Gym was high! Both sides gave it their all, and though the match was tight, the student team emerged victorious.

Grade 11 student Amelia said: “Events like the basketball game remind us that we’re a community and that we can connect with our teachers outside the classroom. It would be great to have more events that bring together the community and allow everyone to participate and enjoy regularly throughout the year.”

US Math Teacher Tristan admitted, “I thought we were going to get crushed! But overall, I was very proud of us as a team. I think we need more events like these to keep everyone connected. I think it humanises us and it actually makes the rapport between teachers and students even better.”

US English teacher Sean added, “The teacher vs. student game was great for creating feelings of camaraderie. It’s cool for students to see their teachers engage with them in a different context. Everyone played with teamwork and positive energy: what we lacked in skill, we made up for in good vibes! The more we’re rooting for each other, the more fun we’ll all have.”

The US StuCo considers the basketball game their most successful initiative to date and promises to ensure it becomes a lasting ISA tradition. School spirit initiatives not only bring together students, teachers, parents, and staff, but also play a vital role in shaping our school culture. Moments like these strengthen relationships, foster school pride, and create lasting memories that contribute to the vibrant community we cherish at ISA. Will Team Teachers stage an epic comeback next year? Stay tuned to find out!