NECIS Winter Tournament Round-Up 2024

Another fantastic ISA Athletics Winter Season recently culminated in the NECIS Tournament. With a total of 164 ISA students participating and 21 coaches and chaperones involved, this was one of ISA’s biggest seasons yet. 

There were also some fantastic results this season, with the U14 Girls, JV Girls, and JV Boys Basketball Teams and the Swim Team all achieving first place to become NECIS Champions in their tournaments. The Swim Team even broke 10 NECIS records!

Founded to allow international schools in North-Western Europe to meet on a competitive basis, the NECIS Tournament offers students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the shared values of sportsmanship, open-mindedness, risk-taking and respect for others. This season, ISA students participated in two “mixed” teams, working with athletes from another school. This was a chance for everyone to participate, form connections, and celebrate their shared love for the sport.

Athletics Director Marianne de Haan expressed her pride in everyone who participated and how well our students represented ISA: “Even if students didn’t achieve the best result in their tournament, they will take away the skills and values of lifelong learning, being open to new perspectives, caring and taking risks. For me, these shared values are the most important thing for students to take away from the tournament.”

Congratulations to all students who participated in representing our school and role-modelling ISA values for all to see.

Results Round-Up:

U12 & U14 Basketball

U12 Boys: 3rd place

U12 Girls: 5th place-Plate winners

U12 Girls Mixed team (ISA & AIS): 7th place

U14 Girls: 1st place NECIS Champions

U14 Boys: 4th place

U14 Boys mixed team (ISA & St Johns): 7th place

JV & Varsity Basketball

JV Boys: 1st place NECIS Champions

JV Girls: 1st place NECIS Champions

Varsity Boys: 3rd place

Varsity Girls: 3rd place


Swim team: 1 place overall schools 

Gold medals: 56

Silver medals: 35

Bronze medals: 24


You can view the full results on the NECIS website.

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