Director’s Welcome

Welcome and thank you for your interest in ISA. It is our hope that in the time you spend reviewing the website that you not only find the information engaging and compelling but also that you glean a feeling of the vibrant and positive community that makes ISA a unique environment in which learners, adults and students alike, thrive.

 As you get to know ISA, you’ll understand that what sets it apart from other schools and makes it such a fabulous environment for learning is the simple yet powerful fact that ISA is a happy place.

Brain-based research in schools is unequivocal on the value of happy schools. A happy school is a place where the culture is constructive, attitudes are positive, and people are smiling at all times. In such schools there is better learning and better behavior. Being happy, smiling and maintaining a positive attitude is a part of the way of life within the ISA Community. Without doubt, the vibrant and positive morale throughout the school is one of its greatest assets. Common sense tells us that it is just better to be around others who are content and satisfied, as they create a wonderful sense of comfort and encouragement. Research tells us that in a school, this is critical to maximize student learning, and allowing students to thrive.

We value open and clear communication so do not hesitate to contact us to answer any questions that you may have. We’d delight in sharing more about our school with you.

Kind regards,

Dr. Bernadette Carmody

ISA Director

Dr. Bernadette Carmody