ISA Celebrates Global Village Day 2024

Global Village Day is a schoolwide annual festival dedicated to fostering our mission to educate for international understanding. Every February, we come together to create a sense of unity within the school community, bringing together students, parents, staff and faculty to celebrate unity in diversity and promote the values of appreciation for differences. Through experience, students not only broaden their worldviews but also cultivate a sense of harmony and mutual respect.

Global Village Day serves as an educational tool, enriching the curriculum with real-world experiences. We kickstart the day with a beautiful breakfast organised by the Parent Teacher Association and their nationality committees. This is followed by a schoolwide assembly with dance presentations and a parade of all nationalities represented at school. In the afternoon, Lower School students have the opportunity to “travel around the world” as they visit classrooms especially decorated to honour different nations. Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities, taste exotic foods, and participate in cultural performances, all of which enhance their learning beyond the confines of textbooks. 

Please read below to know what our students have to say about Global Village Day 2024!

Elementary School Representative – Millen, Grade 4 Student

“Moving is a hard experience I know, but we support each other in this school. I think of ISA as a school, but also as a community. We come from different places. We may look different, or talk differently, but to me, it doesn’t matter. We are all HUMAN. I like that we can learn new things from different people. We can express our country and culture through our clothing, and we can celebrate our country through things like Global Village Day. I made friends from all over the world this year. It is important that we celebrate our differences because it gives us a chance to be reminded of our home country while being together in a new country. We can all do this by asking a simple question, like “Where are you from, and can you teach me something about your home country?” A question like that can be the start of a new conversation and a new friendship. You can also learn more about the world we live in. We are all having a brand new adventure together, and so far I’m enjoying learning how to be part of an international community.

Middle School Representatives – Monty and Aiofe, Middle School Student Council President and Vice-President

“Global Village Day is one of the most unique things that we have at ISA. It is a day to celebrate the immense amount of diversity in our community. It’s a day to be proud of our national and cultural backgrounds. The school has never shunned away from learning about new cultures and traditions and ISA are always here to help kids embrace seeing the amazing beauty of their cultures of where they are from. Global Village Day has always been one of the main ways that ISA has emphasized cultural appreciation and international-mindedness throughout the past years. Activities such as the country performances we’ve been watching and the country-inspired classrooms in Lower School have opened a door to a world of different cultures.”

High School Representatives – Alex and Elle, High School Student Council President and Vice-President

“Today, we are reminded of what makes each and every one of us so unique and we embrace the beauty of an international community. Our school is a manifestation of the success that can come from the integration of students, staff, and families from across the globe. Each new member of our community adds to it a new story. Our school is our home away from home. A place where we come to grow, not just as students, but as global citizens. Global Village Day reaffirms ISA’s mission, to educate for international understanding. By bringing our school community together and embracing our diversity, we can truly learn what unity means. The mission manifests itself in all parts of our school, from the emphasis on personal relationships between students and teachers to the opportunities for students to express their beliefs and traditions. With a community of over 60 nationalities, every day we are shaped into ambassadors of global mindedness.”