Green Team

In 2008, a small but passionate group of parents, students, and ISA staff came together and formed the Green Team in an effort to help ISA to make a difference – ecologically – for our community and the world. Starting with just 12 members (six adults and six students), the Green Team now has over 100 student members, who meet once a week and who are guided by 22 volunteers.

ISA Eco-Code

Earth is our home. Together we can protect it. At ISA, we pledge to:

  • Save energy and turn off electronics
  • Reduce waste and recycle what we can
  • Drink from re-usable bottles and cups
  • Keep our school and local environment clean
  • Show our ISA community how to be eco friendly

The ISA Green Team aims to

Involve ISA’s community (students, parents, staff) in environmental issues and actions Help make ISA’s facilities and operations eco-friendly Inspire creative green solutions and wise use of resources

Lower School Green Team

Our lower school has a Grade 2 and 3 team and a Grade 4 and 5 team which take part in:

  • Recycled art projects
  • Trash collections around the playground areas
  • Planting bulbs in the Autumn to help encourage wildlife and enhance our outside spaces
  • Campaigns, competitions and general awareness building e.g. using sustainably designed water bottles

Upper School Green Team

Our upper school (grades 6 – 12) has six student teams, which focus on specific initiatives:

  • Alternative energy devices – exploring the feasibility of alternate energy sources (building solar lanterns, solar chargers, wind turbines, pedal-powered smoothie makers and spin-art machines).
  • Animal habitats –building and installing bat houses, bird houses and bird feeders for the fauna that live on, and near, the school grounds.
  • Recycled Artwork –creating eye-catching sculptures and art installations to raise awareness about climate change, threatened habitats, and endangered species.
  • Eco-Friendly Food and Gardening –testing eco-friendly recipes to introduce in the school cafeteria and doing gardening on ISA’s grounds.
  • Green Communications –publicising ISA’s green initiatives via imovies, social media, school assemblies and the school publication and media channels.
  • “Girls Helping Girls” Sewing Program – sewing gift items using fabric remnants, with sale proceeds donated to ISA’s Tanzania program for girls’ education.

ISA Green Team Sustainable Fashion Show

Watch the video highlights

Royal Visit Launches Healthy Eating Publication

The Missing Chapter Foundation, Kikkoman Corporation & ISA Green Team

Proud member of the global Eco-Schools programme


 The largest sustainable schools programme in the world
  • ISA earned the Eco-Schools Bronze Award in 2009, the Silver Award in 2010.
  • The school received the programmes highest level of certification, the “Green Flag” Award in 2011. Our Green Flag proudly flies in front of our school every day.
  • Our “Green Flag” status was re-certified in 2013 and 2015.

Interested in being a student or parent volunteer for the ISA Green Team?