Technology Planning Update

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ISA is in the process of updating its Educational Technology Plan, under the direction of Director of Educational Technology, Michael McGlade, who will be working with all community stakeholders to update, clarify and communicate clear goals for technology use at ISA, to describe how the school will meet those goals and to suggest the related expenditure needed to achieve them.

The Technology Plan is a document (or series of documents) compiled by the Director of Educational Technology, with input from staff, students and parents, to support the school’s overall strategic plan by creating clear goals for technology use, describing how the school will meet those goals and suggesting the related expenditure needed to achieve those goals.

The Tech Plan Steering committee is made up of Faculty and Staff volunteers and includes Upper and Lower School teachers, Technology integrators, tech support staff, and school administrators. The steering committee is organising the process and compiling data as well as forming smaller committees to give input. These committees will include students, parents, faculty and staff.

The previous 3-year plan is now being updated and the ISA Tech Plan Steering Committee will be looking for input through small-group discussions and feedback sessions.

Please contact Michael McGlade at with your questions and if you would like to volunteer your time to this process.

ISA Awarded Gold School Cafeteria Plate 2016

ISA’s cafeteria, George’s Place, has been awarded GOLD status by the Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum).

The Gold Plate certifies George’s Place as a cafeteria that provides healthy choices to students. “A healthy school cafeteria facilitates making healthy choices through its vibrant and healthy appearance, and by offering predominantly healthy foods.” Our thanks go to George van Rijn for initiating and completing this process with the Voedingscentrum. For further information, please click here.  

ISA Beach Cleanup a Real Success

via The Lower School News Blog

The ISA Green Team organised a beach clean-up for the first time on Saturday. A group of students, parents and staff participated, bringing together people from across our school. We’d been warned to dress up warm after a windy week and were fully prepared to brace ourselves against the cold.  But we were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous weather that awaited us on the beach at Zandvoort.  We found a wide variety of objects including a diaper, bottle tops, cans, cartons, plastic bags, straws, socks, string, styrofoam, pieces of glass, buckets, string, an old body-board, a tyre and even a curtain!  

We also visited the Jutters Museum further along the beach which houses a fascinating collection of an even wider range of objects than we’d collected such as pacifiers, slippers, buoys and boat signs. The museum also houses displays of local natural history and creatures from the sea.  

A Spring event will be organised as well. Keep an eye out for more information after the Crocus break.