Students Design Products and Raise Funds for Local NGOs

Grade 7 students have recently started to explore the design workshop and make use of the power tools and advanced software skills. Their Design teachers presented them with the challenge to apply all of their acquired knowledge holistically to a project. What does that mean? To always approach the design problem focusing on a purpose for a real client or real world issue. 

For this project, students researched the impact that the funds collected would have on the organisation they would be working with. They chose to donate all funds raised to local non-for-profit organisations: De Kloof homeless shelter, DOA animal shelter, and Zonnehuis De Luwte elderly home.

Each group delved into analysis of specifications and products in the market, and decided what to design within the constraints of our machines and processes. Learners opted for 4 types of products to create their wellness package: a candle, a candle holder, a soap, and a soap holder.

To create these products in an effective and visually appealing way, students put to practice the following processes:

  • Wood working in the scroll saws
  • Sanding
  • Thermoforming and mold making
  • Laser cutting
  • Resin and casting
  • Illustrator Software

Aoife and Alexis, students, shared their experience: We analysed and researched existing products to inspire us to create a product that was unique. We then worked through the design process – we drew, measured, planned out next steps, received feedback and felt that we were allowed to fail and learn from our mistakes. Then we created the product using machines. A small group of students learned the knowledge of the machine and then these students taught the next group of students. We worked to make our design look like our intended idea. We had to use past knowledge to keep creating and make the best possible end product. When we finished the project, we were very proud that it came together. It might not have been exactly like how we planned at the start, but in the end it was still quite good. Overall, this unit was fun and it was great to collaborate with our groups in the design process.” 

Congratulations to Design students and teachers for such an inspiring initiative!