Grade 12 IBDP Biomimicry Exhibition

Anyone who has recently walked up the stairs in the Main Foyer may have noticed some beautiful artworks on display as part of the DP Art Biomimcry Exhibition. Grade 12 students recently finalised the culminating pieces of their second-year project, Inspired by Nature, and have put them on display for the ISA community.

DP students began their Biomimicry Unit by considering the question: what can nature teach us about good design? They were given a design brief with a broad scope which allowed lots of room for interpretation and individual inspiration: to design a ‘wearable item’ that reflects the visual qualities of nature.

IBDP Art Teacher Sian Lysaght emphasises that “this unit is not about fashion, but about creating new, innovative designs that adorn the body in fresh and surprising ways. Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes. During this unit, students have explored the possibilities of harnessing natural resources […] and will understand that good design comes from observations of structures and processes from the natural world.”

Through the power of their curiosity, making connections between the natural world and art, the DP Arts students have each created a nature-inspired Biomimcry piece that is uniquely theirs. The Exhibition is still on display, so be sure to check it out!