Grade 12 Student Shares his Passion for Professional Cricket

Grade 12 student Udit is part of the Nederlands A Cricket Team, winners of the T10 European Championship 2022. Read below his testimonial about his passion, journey and ISA experience.

“I started playing cricket when I was 4 or 5 years old. My family has always been into watching matches on the TV and I grew up watching and playing the sport. From there, I joined a club and started playing more often and found a genuine interest in the sport which became my passion later on. It definitely feels nice to get recognition after winning the T10 championship. But more than that, I think it challenges me as an athlete, since I want to achieve more and win more tournaments. I have been a part of the ISA community since Pre-School and I have always been given the support and guidance to devote myself to play cricket, which I am very thankful for. My ISA experience has been great, especially this being my last year. I definitely want to continue playing cricket after graduation as it is a big passion of mine and I want to be playing at a professional level. As I get closer to finishing my high school career, I look back on my whole journey starting from Pre-School until now and realize that ISA has been a great school for me and I have made many special memories with people.”

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