ISA Hosts One Small Visit Movie Screening with Anisha Abraham

ISA was honoured to recently have ISA Alumni Anisha Abraham visit our World Theatre for a private screening and moderated discussion of the film One Small Visit, which she co-produced. 

This 30-minute short film relays the true story of Anisha’s immigrant Indian family who unexpectedly passes through the tiny Midwest hometown of Neil Armstrong in the wake of the ’69 moon landing and the civil rights movement and ends up on the doorstep of the Armstrong home. The movie is about two very different families finding connection and shared humanity, a testament to small acts of openness and kindness.

ISA believes in developing communities through uniting in diversity and has brought together students, families and teachers from around the world for over half a century. We bridge cultures through friendship, support and curiosity. Hearing and reflecting on stories such as Anisha’s allow us to embrace our community’s rich mix of perspectives as we work together toward common goals.

Debbie O’Hara, ISA’s Adult Learning Coordinator and organiser of this community learning opportunity, said: “stories are powerful; they enable us to connect to others and make sense of our shared world. Stories have the ability to take facts, wrap them in human context and allow us to build empathy. Stories are tools for empowerment, empathy and a deeper understanding of the complexities we face in our world.

Thank you to Anisha Abraham for treating us to a screening of her short film, ‘One Small Visit’. We are grateful for the opportunity to understand a slice of history through her story, a story that had us consider themes of race, belonging and identity and how human connection can build community.

We also thank Anisha for donating a copy of her book, ‘Raising Global Teens: A Practical Handbook for Parenting in the 21st Century“. It is available to our whole community through the Upper School Library!”