Kinderboekenweek at ISA

This week, ISA celebrated Kinderboekenweek! Kinderboekenweek is an annual celebration of children’s literature throughout the Netherlands. Lovers of literature, art, dance, and music join together to celebrate Dutch authors and illustrators of children’s books for ages 2-10 and activities are organized throughout the country in schools, libraries and bookstores.

What a great week it was. Once again, the ISA Librarians teamed up with the Dutch and PE departments to share the Kinderboekenweek festivities, following this year’s theme of environment, animals and having fun outside. Students took part in many fun activities, including assemblies, listening to Dutch guest readers in library lessons and reading and performing a short play of the Kinderboekenweek book Egalus.

For the grand finale, students have been learning the theme song Gi-ga-groen in Dutch, complete with the dance moves in some PE classes. The video was played at the end of Friday’s assembly, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to sing and dance along!

As an international community, Kinderboekenweek is a fun way to honour our host country and get to know some local customs. Thank you to everyone who participated, donating their time and effort to the celebrations a great success.