The NECIS Spring Athletics season 2022 has come to an end. Although the Spring season is always a short season, it is also a season with a lot of different sports at ISA and always includes many participants: 182! Including girls Soccer: 78 participants, Track and Field: 65 participants, Softball: 21 participants, Tennis: 11 participants, and Golf: 7 participants.
It was a great feeling to be able to play sports and games once more and be able to travel again. Even though the weather was unpredictable and not always cooperative, the athletes and coaches worked hard and enjoyed their time during the practice season. The excitement, joy, and new friendship at the various NECIS tournaments, scattered around Nothern Europe, were again a reminder of what NECIS is all about. The results speak for themselves:
Softball: in Bonn
Team JV: 3rd place
Team Varsity: 3rd place
Girls Soccer: In Dusseldorf
U12 Cup
Team ISA 1: 2nd place
U12 Plate
Team ISA 3- 2nd place
Team ISA 2- 3rd place
U15: Team ISA: 3rd place
Varsity Soccer: Team ISA: 1st place
Tennis: in Amsterdam
1 x  1st place
3 x 2nd places
3 x 3rd places
Golf: in Sigtuna-Sweden
Team ISA: 2nd place
Track: in Antwerp
Team ISA:
1 NECIS Record on 800M Boys U16!
22x 1st place
22x 2nd place
23x 3rd place