ISA at the Moot Court Europe Competition

This week, ISA students started their Moot Court Europe trials! Moot Court Europe is an international competition where students role-play being international lawyers while arguing a war crimes case before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

We have nine high school students assigned to either prosecute or defend the leader of a fictitious state accused of war crimes, presenting their arguments before actual ICJ and ICC justices and lawyers.

Over the last two months, the prosecution team (grade 11 students Elektra Sarafopoulou, Madison Portier, Maria Volovodova, Olivia Buklarewicz and Maya Harriford-McLaren) and the defence team (grade 11 students Nicholas Brady, Stella Kirchner, Elisabeth Gimenez Xarpell and grade 10 student Perrine Auvient) have worked tirelessly. Students crafted arguments using the facts of the case and the application of international law from the Rome Statute.

So far, the justices have recognised the teams for their level of preparation and speaking and debating abilities. Please help us congratulate our Moot Court participants on their hard work, dedication, and commendable representation of ISA on the global stage!