MUNISH 2022 and the Success of the ISA MUN Programme

ISA students recently took part in MUNISH, the Model United Nations Conference hosted by the International School of the Hague and one of the biggest MUN conferences in Europe, alongside over 600 students from 40 schools from around the world.

ISA participated with fifty ISA MUN students as delegates representing the Russian Federation, Egypt, Malaysia, Cuba, and Nepal. Our students were recognised as some of the most prepared and engaged during the conference, further building the stellar reputation of our program. In all, our delegates won 6 out of 17 best delegate awards- the most of any school participating in the conference. Please join us in congratulating Louis Conqueret, Amelia Dorner, Matthew McCartney, Charlotte Burke, Eli Gimenez Xarpell, and Pieter Versloot for their best delegate recognitions. Many of our students earned runner-up and honourable mention awards. 

In addition, three of our students, Tanguy Lacroix, Jemma McLean, and Julia Collier, acted as chairs who directed the debate as student officers in their committees, while recent ISA graduate, Jain Pacelli, was also tapped as a senior chair because of her performance at MUNISH last year. Most importantly, all of our students thoroughly enjoyed the conference and were wonderful ambassadors for the ISA community. 

Tanguy said: “MUN is an opportunity for me to apply my knowledge to real-world issues and collaborate on forging comprehensive solutions. It has allowed me to develop a passion for diplomacy which I will pursue in my further studies. I recommend MUN as it has truly aided me in gaining a global perspective to problem-solving, strengthened my communication skills as a student while giving me a plethora of opportunities for leadership and personal involvement.”

Mary Lowe, the ISA MUN student advisor, said: “what I love most is that through MUN many students find confidence and leadership skills many didn’t know they had, and I see how this expands their understanding of what is possible for them in the future.”