Service Success for Grade 6 During Grade Level Days

Even though this year’s Grade Level Days were different than in previous years, our grade 6 students were still able to make the most out of the experience and worked hard to serve their community. 

Grade 6 participated in two service activities during the Grade Level Days. First, they worked together as a grade to clean up the ISA campus and surrounding neighbourhood, recognising the importance of contributing to a shared green and sustainable community.

Students also took time to reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and considered it from the perspective of a healthcare worker. Developing their sense of empathy, students discussed how both physically and emotionally challenging this time is for healthcare workers, with them working long overtime hours, as well as risking both their own health and the health of their loved ones. Students considered questions such as “how might it feel to be working in a hospital right now?”; “what would you say to a healthcare worker if you could?” and “in what ways could we support them through this challenging, unprecedented time?”

Students decided to send thank you letters and care packages to hospitals who have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands, particularly in the North Brabant Province. They used their words to express gratitude and lift the spirits of healthcare workers, while some students also chose to bring in treats and together created and mailed a total of ten care packages to hospitals.

ISA believes in developing communities, through forging deep, meaningful connections with the local community, as well as through helping our students develop a strong sense of empathy and an understanding of the perspectives of others. Our grade 6 students worked hard during their Grade Level days and should be proud of their contributions to both the ISA and the local community.