Grade 11 Student Top 10 Finalist of TEDx Amsterdam Women Pitch Night

A huge congratulations to Grade 11 student Mehar Suri, who recently made it to the top 10 finalists of TEDx Amsterdam Women pitch night which took place on 1 October. Competing with hundreds of other applicants to get to the top ten, she was the only teenager in the finalists. She presented a TEDx talk on how story-centric teaching can change the world. In her inspiring talk, Mehar emphasises the absolute necessity of utilising emotions in teaching methods, coining the term ‘EmoEmpathy’ to describe this teaching practice. 

A born orator, this wasn’t Mehar’s first TEDx rodeo. Back in June, Mehar also presented her TEDx talk at the TEDx AICS event. You can check out her video from the TedX AICS event below.

Well done Mehar, we’re so proud of you!