AISAP Vision and Values Award 2022

Julia True, our Admissions and Advancement Director, was recently awarded this year’s Vision and Values Leadership Award by the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP).

As a member of the ISA community as both a staff member and parent since 1997, Julia has dedicated 25 years to the service of our community and the admissions profession. Many current and past community members will remember the positive impact that Julia had on their school experience from the very start of their own journey at ISA.

In addition to her role at ISA, Julia has also been the cohort leader for AISAP for five years and the Chair of the International School Affinity Group. Additionally, she has served as the Chair of the European Council of International Schools Special Interest Group (now called the Educational Collaborative of International Schools), where she was instrumental in connecting AISAP with ECIS in meaningful ways.

The AISAP Vision and Values Leadership Award

The Vision and Values Leadership Award was created to highlight the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals’ core values and overarching vision, embodying the phrase ‘by and for Admission Professionals.’ Nominated individuals should demonstrate a love of learning, nurture authentic relationships and meaningful connections, be committed to inclusivity, diversity and ethical behaviour, and, in other words, ‘be extraordinary.’

During the award ceremony, Julia was described as “kind, earnest, engaging, a facilitator, a visionary, someone who thinks of the betterment of others before she looks to her own advancement – and the ultimate professional […] a voracious learner”.

We are so proud of Julia for this achievement and everything she has accomplished and continues to accomplish in service to our community. Please join us in congratulating Julia!