Spring NECIS Tournament Update

Another fantastic Athletics Spring Season was celebrated with the Football, Softball and Tennis NECIS tournaments, which took place last week. The coaches of the Athletics department would like to share the results of this season’s tournament with the community. The Golf tournament finishes today, and the Track and Field tournament will take place this weekend, so please join us in wishing our student-athletes good luck! 

From teams winning their tournaments to others learning lessons about the value of teamwork and changing their mindset after a loss, it is clear that every ISA team worked hard, played to the best of their ability and demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship. Go Bears!

Read below for each coach’s reflection on their team’s season.

U12 Football

Twenty students composed the two teams representing ISA. The first team were the football champions. Many team members had also won the Volleyball tournament in the Fall, and the Basketball tournament in the Winter – an impressive performance that cannot go unnoticed. The football coaches are extremely proud of the way the team represented ISA’s values both on and off the pitch. We played a type of football that all the spectators wanted to watch – an attractive passing game with lots of beautiful goals.

U14 Football

Many U14 girls committed to the season which resulted in two teams representing ISA in the tournament. Unfortunately, the penalty series prevented us from winning the NECIS cup this year. The first team won the bronze medal, did not lose a single game and had a 13-0 goal ratio! The second team placed seventh and brought home the most sporting team cup!

Varsity Football

ISA was represented by twenty-three students in two Varsity teams this year. From birthday celebrations to acro-gym tricks, our players had the best time! Despite some injuries, our first team won second place after a heartfelt final match against ASH, decided on penalties.

JV Softball

Eleven Middle School students represented ISA in JV Softball. Our student athletes played four games across two days. Even though they played every game with 9 players against 10 opponents, ISA remained extremely competitive throughout. There were many great catches, numerous strikeouts and multiple thunderous hits.

Varsity Softball

Fourteen players composed our Varsity Softball team. The team had a good start to the tournament with a win over Bonn and placed 6th in the overall competition. The Varsity Softball team won the Most Sporting Team Award.


The NECIS Tennis Tournament was organized by ISA and took place at NTC-De Kegel in Amstelveen. Thirteen students represented ISA’s tennis team. Although most players didn’t have much competition experience, they performed so well! 

  • In Level 1 Boys, Lucas won a 4th place in the highest level of the tournament.
  • In Level 3 Boys, Ayaan played with patience and rewarded himself with a bronze medal. 
  • In Level 4 Boys (Under 14), Monty demonstrated how to play with patience and had the longest rally (40 times up and down)! This tactic allowed Monty to become the NECIS Champion of Level 4 Boys!
  • In Level 1 Girls, Daria won 4th place.
  • In Girls Level 3, Kyono, who played matches for the first time, also got 4th place.
  • In Girls Level 5 (Under 14), Xin Rui earned 3rd place in the Singles competition.
  • In the Doubles competitions, Xin Rui and Kyono earned 3rd place.