Spring NECIS Tournament Update – Track & Field and Golf

Another fantastic Athletics Spring Season was celebrated with the Track & Field and Golf NECIS tournaments. The coaches of the Athletics department would like to share the results of this season’s tournament with the community. 

From teams winning their tournaments to others learning lessons about the value of teamwork and changing their mindset after a loss, it is clear that every ISA team worked hard, played to the best of their ability and demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship. Go Bears!

Read below for each coach’s reflection on their team’s season.

Track and Field

The sunny Track and Field meet held in Antwerp was a remarkable event for ISA. Our athletes delivered outstanding performances, breaking an impressive seven NECIS records, a feat rarely accomplished in a single meet. Our medal count was equally impressive, with 30 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 18 bronze medals, along with an exceptional achievement of eight golden relay victories.

Beyond their remarkable athletic achievements, the athletes of ISA exemplified great sportsmanship throughout the meet. They displayed respect for their competitors, cheered on fellow athletes, and celebrated each other’s successes. The success of the meet was also attributed to the fantastic support provided by the parents of ISA’s athletes. Their unwavering encouragement, cheers, and applause undoubtedly boosted the morale of the athletes, creating an inspiring and motivating atmosphere.

Medal Tally 

Darcy 100 silver

Senna 100 gold

Riri 400 silver

Sini 400 bronze

Darcy hurdle gold

Senna hurdle bronze

4*100 gold

4*400 gold

Senna HJ gold

Dacry HJ bronze

Senna LJ gold

Darcy LJ silver

Alyse SLJ silver


Christine 100 bronze

Christine 200 bronze

Ella hurdle bronze

4*100 gold

4*400 gold

Christine SP silver


Kayla 100 gold

Luciana 100 silver

Neela 100 bronze

Marit 200 gold

Luciana 200 silver

Liedewij 200 bronze

Amelia 800 gold

Juliette 800 bronze

Amelia 1500 gold

Noa 1500 bronze

Noa 3000 gold

Marit hurdle bronze

4*100 gold NR*

4*100 bronze

4*400 gold

Neela disc gold

Liedewij bronze

Kayla SP gold

Neela SP silver

Luciana HJ gold

Amelia HJ silver

Kayla LJ gold

U12 B 

Lucca T 200 gold

Lucca T 400 gold

4×100 bronze

4*400 bronze

Varun disc bronze

Lucca shot put gold NR*

Kas HJ gold

Lucca LJ silver

Will S SLJ silver


Aydin 100 gold

Remy 200 gold NR*

Remy 400 gold

Magnus 400 silver

Pedro 400 bronze

Liam 800 gold

Liam 1500 bronze

Liam hurdle silver

4*100 gold NR*

4*400 gold NR*

Monty disc gold

Monty SP gold


Leon 200 gold 

Leon 400 gold NR*

Leon 800 gold NR*

Mees 800 silver

4*100 gold

4*400 silver

Bora SP gold

Leon SP silver


U16G 4x100m: Luciana, Neela, Marit, Kaila:   ISA 2023, 52.47

U16B 400m Leon:   ISA 2023, 50.82

U16B 800m Leon:   ISA 2023, 2:02.01

U14B 200m Remy:   ISA 2023, 23.81

U14B 4x100m Aydin, Pedro, Magnus, Remy:  ISA 2023, 48.22

U14B 4x400m Aydin, Liam W, Magnus, Remy: ISA 2023, 3:55.70

U12 B Shot Put Lucca:   ISA 2023, 11.31


Our team of 12 players, our largest group to date, had a fantastic time! We witnessed remarkable shots throughout the week, including Hyunmin’s incredible hole-in-one at hole number 7 and Sebastien’s fantastic “Nearest to the Pin” on the same hole. The Bears truly ruled!

Because the golf course had 17 more holes, we missed the final by just three shots. We fought hard and Yujin and Sebastien emerged victorious in the final matches. Due to a tiebreaker, we finished in fourth place. Looking ahead, we’re already excited for NECIS Golf 2024 in Luxembourg. Our goal is simple: to improve our performance, reach the final, and have an even more enjoyable time than this year. We will aim to grow our team and embrace the upcoming challenges with enthusiasm. Go Bears!