Sinterklaas Comes to ISA!

Sinterklaas came to visit ISA today on his beautiful white horse, Ozosnel! In the morning, Lower School students assembled in the main parking lot to sing and dance to traditional Sinterklaas songs, including the classic favourite Sinterklaas Kapoentje. Then with much fanfare and accompanied by four Pieten, who handed out pepernoten to students, Sint and Ozosnel rode around the parking lot for all to see. It was wonderful to see the joy and excitement from students and staff alike!

Students in grades 1-5 were later able to experience a live Google Meet with Sinterklaas, while a video link was shared with Nursery – Kindergarten classes to view in their own time. Meanwhile, Sint’s four Pieten knocked on each classroom door to wave at the students inside and then left a sack in front of each classroom door, which included a gift for the whole class, of an English translation of a famous Dutch children’s book, a chocolate letter and a small unwrapped toy for each student and a poem from Sinterklaas, as well as more pepernoten for the students to enjoy.

A tradition that they hold close to their hearts, the Upper and Lower School Dutch departments collaborated to make this event a reality. A longstanding tradition at ISA, we have seen many Lower School students celebrate Sint’s visit, and then later as Upper School students, help Sint out by being a Pieten and giving out pepernoten! Thank you to all members of staff for helping to create so many memories for our students over the years. Also, a special thank you to the Lower School Dutch department for organising this year’s celebration.