Parent Book Club: Discussing the challenges of the college application process

On Thursday, 2 February, the ISA Counselling department hosted its first book club event to explore the challenges that students and parents face when approaching colleges and universities.

The featured book Where You’ll Go is Not Who You’ll Be written by renowned New York Times journalist, Frank Bruni, investigates the ‘college admissions mania’ and provides anecdotes, advice and opinions about the value of a high-pressure university admissions and selection process, with a particular focus on the college system in the United States.

“I found it encouraging to hear parents express their support for their children choosing pathways that lead to a successful, balanced, and productive life following university” noted Upper School Counsellor Frieda Dietrich.

“Caring deeply about what they wanted most for their children, many comments focused on character attributes such as integrity, commitment, humility, ability to deal with setbacks. Things that make a difference in the long term.”

ISA is hoping to hold additional book club discussion sessions throughout the year, so if you are interested please contact Geoff Richman or Frieda Dietrich.