What Does it Mean to be Caring?

Grade 8 students Evalouna and Romane reflect on their experiences of the ISA MYP Service as Action unit as they consider what it means to be caring.

By Romane and Evalouna (Grade 8 Students)

All of Grade 8 recently took part in an MYP Service as Action Unit that built on the learning previously done in Science around the theme of healthy eating and looking at the contents of our food and its impact on our bodies. Through Service as Action, the Grade 8 Students learned about food banks and the important role that they play in supporting communities in need.

To be caring is to be more aware of helping others. People might think that just donating food is just a small thing, but it is important. Through the Service unit, I realised that helping others is easier than I thought. I also now understand why people need food banks and help in preparing healthy meals for their families. 

I felt like I was really caring when I used the AH Website to pre-plan the meal I was making for a family. It was challenging to plan a meal for 15 euros. I also tried to make something that would also last more than just one meal. When we planned this meal, we had to keep the nutritional requirements in mind as well as try to save money. We found recipes, adapted them and then went shopping. Shopping for the ingredients was fun and made me think about how difficult it is to try to only spend a certain amount but to still create a healthy, tasty meal.

Being caring for others through this project helped me to realise that others don’t have everything they want and that I need to be grateful for what I have.