Grade 11 Success: ISA’s First International Moot Court Europe

Recently, four grade 11 DP Global Politics students had the unique experience of participating virtually in International Moot Court Europe. Students had the opportunity to roleplay trying a case in front of the International Criminal Court (ICC), presenting in front of veteran international lawyers and justices from the ICC, International Court of Justice (ICJ), and other Hague Tribunals.

In a competition with over 20 teams representing schools from across Europe, our four students, Emmeline Beekenkamp, Lucas Joosten, Daniel Kahn, and Sen Reyn represented the prosecution and were ultimately named top prosecution team and tied for the best overall team.

What made their achievement even more remarkable was that this was the first time a team from ISA had participated in the event and that while the other teams had two months to prepare, our team was only given a week as a last-minute replacement for another team that withdrew from the competition.

However, the students’ enthusiastic dedication and guidance from the esteemed economic criminal lawyer, Prof. Dr. Mischa Wladimiroff, helped them to confidently represent ISA on this international stage. 

Though this was the first time ISA had the opportunity to participate in International Moot Court, based on the success of our first experience we look forward to developing this program in years to come. Congratulations Emmeline, Lucas, Daniel and Sen on your fantastic achievement!