Bridging Cultures: ISA Supports Construction of School in Ghana

Over the summer break, the Nunya Music Academy, with the financial support of the ISA community, opened a new full-time school.

The Nunya Academy is a non-profit organization in Ghana providing education to students from 5-26 years old. Students don’t have to pay fees for attending, and teachers volunteer their time. The Academy began life being run from two family houses, with classes held in a compound and has been fundraising for the new building with the goal of running as a full-time school. Funds were needed not only to finish construction but also to provide students with musical instruments and other necessary school supplies.

9 years ago, the Nunya Academy was a plot of land.

The grand opening of the new school building!

ISA and The Nunya Academy

ISA’s relationship with the Nunya Academy began back in 2014 when music teacher Fabian Galli attended a workshop at the Academy. His experiences with the students and teachers there were so meaningful that he decided to gather the ISA community to support the amazing school and mission. For seven years, Fabian, with the help of fellow music teacher Aideen Nolan, has been organising the popular ISA Ghana Fundraising Concerts. Through these annual concerts, our community has been donating funds to the Nunya Academy since 2015 and, as of this year, has raised an astonishing total of 32,771 euros.

Fabian was specially invited to the grand opening of the new full-time school campus in Ghana in June, and reflecting on his experience, he wanted to emphasise the importance of unity between ISA and the Nunya Academy for the future: “The connection between ISA and the Nunya Academy is vital, symbolising our dedication to global education and unity. Together, we’ve built more than just a school in Ghana; we’ve forged lasting bonds and a brighter future for students worldwide.”

In celebrating this achievement, the Founder and Director of the Nunya Academy, Dr. J. S. Kofi Gbolonyo, expressed his hopes for the bright future of the academy:

“Through this school project, I hope to make a relatively easier path for many other children and young adults who might, like me, strive to become deeply knowledgeable as Ewe, as Ghanaians, as Africans and ultimately as World Citizens. By the same token, this school project is to serve as a bridge, a place where others from other cultures could come and exchange ideas – learn, teach, share and experience.”

Community at the Heart

Lower School teacher Annie Bartley said: “I am so proud to be part of a team where dedication, creativity, and community bring our school mission to life! With continued support, we’re not just opening a new building but also building new opportunities for the Nunya Music Academy. Thank you to Fabián, our ISA community, and all who contributed to make this possible!”

Community is at the heart of everything we do at ISA, and we treasure the relationship we have built with the Nunya Academy. What an achievement that shows the true meaning of ISA’s belief in educating for international understanding and will change the lives of students in Ghana for many years to come. A special thanks to Fabian, Aideen and everyone in the ISA community who has supported the Ghana concerts and the Nunya Academy over the years. Go ISA!