International Community Coffee Mornings

Every Wednesday in the annex of the ISA cafeteria, the PTA holds an international coffee morning which allows different communities within ISA to share their culture and traditions through their national cuisine. Throughout the year, over 20 communities have participated, with some working in collaboration. Most recently, the Portuguese-speaking, African, Eastern European Israeli, Asian and Commonwealth communities have each put their own cultural spin on the event. Learn more below about some of the great coffee mornings from this year.

thanksgiving food international community

The American Community Thanksgiving Breakfast. Credit: PTA.

The American Thanksgiving

This Wednesday, the American community held a thanksgiving breakfast, complete with beautiful autumnal table decorations and flowers. The tables were brimming with all the traditional American Thanksgiving favourites; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and corn and a variety of baked goods including the ubiquitous Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. The event was a huge success, attracting a large crowd of parents, staff and students all enticed by the smell of fresh, homemade American food.

international school international coffee morning British coffee morning

The British and Irish Coffee Morning. Credit: PTA.

The British Isles

Another favourite was the recent British and Irish Coffee Morning where the two communities collaborated. They served up a variety of classic British biscuits, scones, Guinness cake, bacon butties and proper tea from good old Blighty, all of which were delicious enough to make the mouth of any homesick Brit water.

The Korean Community Breakfast. Credit: PTA.

The Korean Gimbap Breakfast

The Korean community hosted a truly memorable coffee morning, dressed in gorgeous Korean HanBok, with beautiful decorations and serving up a popular range of traditional treats, including some delicious Gimbap.

international community solidarity

The Hispanic Solidarity Breakfast. Credit: PTA.

Unidos por México

On November 1st, the Hispanic Community held a Solidarity breakfast: ‘Unidos por México’. All proceeds from the event went to the victims of the earthquake in Mexico. The Mexican embassy kindly supported the event by loaning decorations and sending their representative, Mr. Jorge Delgado Sumano. These ladies managed to raise a fantastic € 3834.65. You can read more about their fundraising efforts here.

The German-Speaking Community Breakfast. Credit: PTA.

The German Oktoberfest

For Oktoberfest, the German speaking community hosted a coffee morning, dressed in traditional German dirndl dresses and featuring some delicious German treats, including weisswurst and a range of traditional kuchen.

The spirit of collaboration, community and international understanding represented by these coffee mornings embodies everything that ISA stands for. As an international community, we love to see such amazing teamwork between the parents and staff of ISA and we’re looking forward to more of these events in the future.

Written by Megan Amelia