Celebrating the Success of the Class of 2021

IB Results 2021

We would like to share some exciting news with you about the IB results of the class of 2021! These results are the culmination of two years of hard work and dedication and our students have once again performed exceptionally, with ISA once again placing well above the world average of IB results. That the class of 2021 have undertaken their Diploma during a global pandemic, with switching back-and-forth from Distance Learning to on-campus learning several times, makes their achievements even more admirable. Here are some of the highlights of the class of 2021’s collective success:

IB Diploma Results Summary 2021

  • ISA Pass Rate: 100%
  • ISA Average Points: 37
  • ISA Average Grade: 5.7
  • World Average Score: 5.2
  • ISA Highest Score: 45

Class of 2021 Highlights

  • 94 Graduates
  • 88 Diploma Candidates
  • 100% earned IB Diploma
  • 42% Bilingual Diplomas
  • 37 Average IB Score
  • 60% obtained 36 points or more
  • 31% obtained 40 points or more

For only the ninth time in our school’s history, an ISA student has received a perfect score of 45. A huge congratulations to Kami Schult for this achievement! 

We’re so proud of all of the students and wish them all the best on the next steps of their journey.