Grade 5 Stage and Perform Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

Grade 5 recently performed an adapted version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. With the help of their drama teachers, Ms. Bartley and Ms. Walker, students performed for an online audience of their parents and families via Livestream, with versions adapted by each homeroom class. 

Macbeth was chosen for this year’s Grade 5 performances to allow students to experience the magic of an ensemble Shakespeare play, giving them agency and creative freedom to make their own artistic decisions on how to stage the production. Students worked together to create the performance and took on a variety of roles exploring the language and themes of the play.

Grade 5 students had a six-week rotation for drama this year, giving them just six weeks to prepare the performance from scratch! Students began with workshops focusing on the main elements of the play, including characters such as the Witches and pivotal scenes such as the battle and Lady Macbeth’s persuasion of Macbeth to kill King Duncan.

The students loved creating something as a whole class and performing for their parents. Despite that the performance was shared online through Google Meet this year, so not with a ‘live’ audience in the studio, students were delighted to share this experience with their families.

Well done to all grade 5 students for your creative and mature performances!