Grade 5 Students Take Action!

The Grade 5 Exhibition is a wrap! Students in Grade 5 have recently been working on their Exhibition projects, and each student decided on an action to take based on their specific research project. For some students, this was a personal action, such as biking to school instead of taking the car or planting vegetables in the garden.

As a final milestone of their projects, students held an Action Fair for the ISA Community to share the knowledge they had gained with family, friends and fellow students by leading a club or teaching an activity.

From handing out worry dolls and friendship bracelets in support of mental health, to collecting pre-loved clothes to donate to a local charity, this year’s projects were creative! One group gathered an impressive pile of towels for a local Hedgehog Shelter, while another held an art lesson for students in Grade 3. Two students studied Volcanoes and made an educational poster about Volcano Travel safety.

There were several charity fundraisers for the Food Bank, Wheelchair Sports and Digital Art Education, which included handmade cards and delicious home-baked goods. 

True to the IB spirit of inquiry, each Grade 5 student put energy and enthusiasm into their chosen action, a learning process which has allowed them to develop their confidence, problem-solving skills and sense of agency. Well done Grade 5!