Girl Up Secures Win for Gender Equality on Campus

The Girl Up student club has worked hard to secure a win for gender equality at ISA and is excited to announce that menstrual products are now available in designated cabinets in both student and faculty bathrooms.

Led by grade 12 students Priyasha Ghosh and Harshita Sharma, Girl Up members raised the issue that point-of-need, cost-free access to menstrual products is essential in today’s world and a significant step on the road to gender equality.

Girl Up members undertook a significant amount of research and discussion, striving to find permanent funding at ISA to provide menstrual products. Then, with the help and wholehearted support of the Facilities Team, Dr. Carmody, and our campus Nurses, Girl Up set to work. After deciding which bathrooms require menstrual products, finding cabinets that allow the products to be clearly visible, and researching the most cost-effective option for providing both tampons and pads, the permanent boxes were finally installed. 

As a result, menstrual products are now widely accessible to everyone on campus who needs them. Girl Up’s efforts have ensured ISA’s further commitment to girls, women and people who bleed and is an important step to ensure educational equity on campus.