Verify You Are Human: DP Visual Arts Exhibition

Spring has finally arrived in the Netherlands, and this week was the last week before Spring Break at ISA. It has been a time of palpable, bustling energy as students across all divisions and grade levels begin to add the finishing touches to their culminating projects, and soon, we’ll be waving goodbye to our seniors and wishing them luck on the next step of their journey. The corridors of the pink castle have been abuzz with life and energy, and none more so than the Upper School Art area, where DP Visual Art students held their highly-anticipated Art Exhibition on Wednesday.

The theme, ‘Verify You Are Human’, is reflective of the recent surge of popularity and news around Artificial Intelligence artworks. However, the exhibition is a comment on, rather than the inclusion of, AI art, perhaps noting that while AI is capable of creating visually appealing artworks, it lacks the emotional and personal experiences and unique insights which make up the quintessential human experience, and thereby lacks the ability to achieve true creative expression. 

The entire ISA community was invited to join students for this annual celebration, which was a culmination of their hard work throughout the year and a testament to their growth as artists. Students were in attendance alongside their body of artwork, reflecting on and discussing their pieces and, above all, celebrating this milestone alongside their peers.

According to DP Visual Arts teacher Sian Lysaght, there was plenty of evidence of “this cohort’s vibrancy, vivacity and earnest dedication to artistic endeavour.” Sian also said the exhibition “represented a tangible sense of fruition […] because of how far they have come. They have collectively been quite the stellar class, now mature and sophisticated art practitioners. And a great many have already been snapped up by premium international art programmes for the coming academic year!”

Each artwork’s individuality reflects each student’s journey to broaden their horizons and develop their mind as they explore their own surroundings and experiences and reflect upon the world around them. Congratulations to the students for their hard work on their impressive art pieces and for hosting a fantastic exhibition for our community.