The Centre for Development, Learning and Technology offered education professionals around the world the opportunity to dig deeper into the world of trans/interdisciplinary unit design with Tonya Gilchrist on 26 & 27 January 2023. The workshop also focused on how to bring Approaches to Learning to life with students. 

“If students don’t leave us with conceptual understandings and skills that allow them to self-navigate and self-adjust for life…well, then, what is education for?” said Tonya.

The 37 participants had the perfect mix of opportunities to build understanding, gather perspectives and reflect in meaningful ways during the workshop. Thank you to all who joined for their engagement and collaboration which truly raised the collective level of thinking and learning. 

Participants shared their feedback about their experience:

“Tonya has a lovely presenting style and lots of positive energy, so listening to her and following her presentation is easy and enjoyable. The padlet is very well resourced and provides everything we need to try implementing these ideas with our staff. Thank you for inspiring us Tonya!”

“I’d really just like to thank Tonya for preparing such an engaging and useful workshop. There was plenty of food for thought!”

“I enjoyed the workshop and came away with some things that I will use. Thank you for your generous sharing of resources and time to connect and talk with others.”

“I (feel) the excitement of going back to my class to try some of the new strategies I learned like the microprogressions and self- regulated feeback. I will definitely put it in practice.”