Career Talks with Grade 11 Students

Grade 11 students are posed with difficult questions to which there is no right or wrong answer. At ISA, students are encouraged to explore the wide variety of options ahead of them: whether they want to go to university, take a gap year, join the workforce, volunteer, or even what country they want to live in, what they want to study and what passions they want to follow. 

With that in mind, Laura Mallin, Grade-level Coordinator, organised a series of Career Talks, in which Grade 11 and 12 students welcome guest speakers from a wide range of industries and backgrounds to chat about their higher education and professional career journeys. The first guest was Nate Anderson, CEO and Co-founder of start-up TEERO.

Ethan Ahn, president of the Upper School Student Council, shared: “Career Talks provide a terrific opportunity. Students can interact face-to-face with professionals of diverse backgrounds, learning their ethics, motivations, and life stories. Talking to Nate Anderson, this week’s guest, I gained priceless insights into what it means to be a startup CEO. Career Talks is a form of an ideal education. It prepares students beyond simple academics: into the real world, into the future.”

This initiative reflects ISA’s goal to develop minds, fostering inquiry, reflection and critical and creative thinking, while applying their knowledge to real-world situations.