Green Team Trash Audit

On 31 October the Green Team and their volunteers gave up their Sunday morning to help reduce waste at ISA. Over two days the Green Team collected garbage bags from around the school that volunteers would sift through to ensure that the waste was disposed of properly.  

The Green Team discovered some good news, as well as some areas of improvement. On the plus side— the total amount of non-recycled waste collected went down since last year, despite a rising school population. But on the down side— the food waste continues to climb. The Green Team found a whopping 85kg of food that had been thrown in general waste, despite prominently labeled food bins. Another problem was finding 6kg of plastic bottles that were not thrown out in the designated plastic bins.

Over the next year the Green Team and the cafeteria staff will work on solutions to ensure that less food is wasted and that waste is properly disposed of. Some recommendations will include:

  • Encouraging students to bring reusable plastic bottles to school either by bringing one from home or purchasing reusable Doppler bottles from the PTA Store
  • Supporting better waste disposal habits at home by encouraging students to segregate and throw waste into the right trash bins at home

Everyone can play their part in reducing unnecessary waste going to landfill: so please ‘Think Before You Throw’! With these efforts we hope to see less waste at next year’s Trash Audit!

SHARE Bake Sale and Trunk-or-Treating

Over the past week the ISA community has been busy showing their Halloween spirit!

On October 27 SHARE held a bake sale in the Main Foyer after school.  Many parents took the time to create delicious and festively decorated treats.  In the end, SHARE raised an impressive 1420 euro. You can find more information and pictures here.

The American PTA Community helped organise Trunk-or-Treating in the ISA parking lot on October 28.  ISA families decorated their cars (or bakfiets) and passed out candy to all those dressed in their costumes.


ISA hosts film screening of ‘The Empowerment Project’

What would you do if you knew you would succeed?


The ISA Upper School hosted a screening of the documentary film ‘The Empowerment Project’ on 2 November.  The event opened with introductions from student leaders from ISA’s two student feminist groups – Like a Girl and Girl Up –  outlining the role that today’s young feminist at ISA wish to play in the fight for equality. Both groups are new to ISA this year and work to address issues surrounding inequality and human rights violations for women and children.

The documentary showcased a group of women documentary filmmakers as they travelled across the United States to interview strong female role models in a variety of industries from science to non-profit management and military leadership. Following the screening, the student group leaders moderated a Q&A sessions between the filmmakers Sarah Moshman and Dana Cook and the over 100 student and parent attendees.

CAS Q&A Session for Parents

Understanding the requirement for the IB Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme can be confusing to many parents, therefore the ISA CAS programme coordinator, Vlad Gogelescu, recently hosted a Q&A session on 31 October for parents of grade 11 and 12 students.

CAS formally begins at the start of the Diploma Programme (grade 11) and continues regularly, ideally on a weekly basis, for at least 18 months with a reasonable balance between creativity, activity, and service experiences that the students voluntarily engage in that involve one or more of the three CAS strands. A CAS experience can be a single event or may be an extended series of events.

Parents were invited to email questions prior to the event so that their specific needs and  queries could be addressed. Read here for a general overview of  CAS at ISA.

Lower School Out in the Community

Over the past month, students in the PYP programme have taken numerous field trips to connect with themes from their classrooms.

As part of their Different People, Different Lives Unit of Inquiry, Grade 5 students recently visited the, ‘In Het Donker Gezien?’ museum.  Students were able to briefly experience what it is like to be visually impaired and reflect on how these individuals experience the world.

Connecting to their Units of Inquiry, Who We Are and How the World Works, Grade 4 recently took a bike trip to the Amsterdamse Bos.  The bike trip helped build community amongst the students, but students also learned more about how the Bos was built and its impact on the local community.

Grade 2 also took a trip to Amsterdamse Bos to support their current Unit of Inquiry, Our Fragile Earth.  Students did field research on the local habitat and gathered evidence on the different plants and animals that live in the forest.

One of the biggest benefits of ISA is that students are able to interact and learn from our amazing Amsterdam community!

Ivy Circle USA University Fair

It’s that time of year when Upper School seniors are busy applying and prepping for their next exciting journey after ISA.   Upper School counsellors and teachers are working hard to help navigate students through these sometimes confusing paths.

ISA, in cooperation with the Fulbright Center and the U.S. Consulate General, welcomed over 30 American colleges and universities during the 5th annual Ivy Circle USA University Fair on 29 September.  This fair offered a unique opportunity for students to meet with representatives from U.S. universities/colleges.

We look forward to seeing the next steps for our Class of 2017!