A Successful ISA Food Drive

The ISA Food Drive.

For most of us, the Winter season is a time for turning up the radiator, eating warm stew and celebrating with family. However, for some, it is a time of cold, hunger and loneliness. That’s why, from 27 November to 1 December, the ISA Student Council hosted its annual food drive to contribute to the Missionaries of Charity Soup Kitchen.

To increase the excitement of the drive and add an element of friendly competition, this year, for the first time, some departments of ISA staff participated in the food drive challenge. They were divided into teams; whichever team brought in the most food in for the drive was declared the winner. We are happy to announce that the winning team was the Upper School French and Dutch department, who brought in a total of 118 boxes.

While there is no way to be certain of the exact amounts of food donated, the fact that we filled 44 boxes with 1 and ½ risers, and then had to improvise as we actually ran out of boxes, is reflective of the thought and effort our ISA community put into their donations. The best estimate is that we had around 120 boxes of food, which is a fantastic achievement. We’d like to thank all of the staff, parents and students for their donations to the drive. The food will provide essential help to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Overall, our ISA community pulled together to achieve a wonderful, meaningful goal and the true winners are those receiving the food items.

Written by Megan Amelia