ISA Book Week 2016

Reading Shapes Our World: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Read!

The ISA Library Team would like to take this opportunity to announce Book Week 2016!

The ISA Book Week 2016 slogan centres around a green theme, primarily sustainability and how libraries are proponents of this important way of living: Reading Shapes Our World: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Read! 
This year, our students will be delighted by the award-winning authors and storytellers that we will host. We have such a great line-up this year with award-winning authors and illustrators.
The Upper School Library will welcome Saci Lloyd from October 10th-12th.
The Lower School Library will welcome The Two Steves from October 11th-14th.
The Early Childhood Library will welcome Jeff Mack from October 11th-14th.

Saci Lloyd        2 Steves        jeff-mack

Book Week will be from October 10-14, 2016. Of special note, Lower School students may dress as their favourite book character on 14 October.

Enjoy and happy reading!