(Ages 2-3)

The ISA Nursery programme, designed for two to three year olds, introduces your child to learning in an educational setting, and prepares them for enrolment in the Primary Years Programme in Pre-School the following school year.

The programme is based on developmentally-appropriate practice with an emphasis on each child’s social-emotional development and well-being.

Through free-choice and small group activities, your child will begin to explore friendships with other children their own age, to experience playing in different situations and to develop a sense of belonging in the class. Over the year, they will learn develop positive relationships with other adults outside of their immediate family circle and gain independence, which will prepare them for the future.

Our Nursery facility features

    • 20 children, 1 full-time teacher and 3 full-time assistants
    • Indoor and outdoor learning environments
    • Access to additional learning areas: Early Childhood gym, teaching kitchen, music room and library.
    • Nappy/diaper changing facilities
    • Sleeping cots provided for rest time

ISA Lower School Administration

The ISA Nursery is part of the ISA Lower School which is managed by Head of Lower School, Susan Loban, and two Assistant Heads of School, Carolyn Lacey and Vicki Watson. The Lower School Administration works directly with the School Director to develop and implement the academic programmes for all of ISA’s Lower School students.


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ISA Nursery Programme

Part-Time Pre-School and Nursery

ISA is now offering part-time Nursery and Pre-School programmes to provide more flexible options for our early years students. More information can be found here.

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