ISA Joins Gemeente Amstelveen ‘Grow Your Own Tree’ Project

Trees have been a hot topic at ISA over the past few weeks! First, Dr. Carmody took part in a tree-planting ceremony to mark the arrival of spring. Now, Gemeente Amstelveen is giving ISA students the chance to plant and grow trees of their very own.

Due to construction and other works around the city, many trees in Amstelveen have been cut down over the past few years. To restore the city to its former green glory, the Gemeente has come up with a creative solution; every primary-school child in Amstelveen is being given a small tree to grow in their own gardens to ensure that trees, and the ecosystems they create, continue to thrive throughout the city.

Join in the Fun!

If you have been looking for a new project to take on, look no further! ISA has been given 400 trees which are available to both Lower and Upper School students who sign-up. Each tree is labelled by type and can be planted in pots on the balcony as well as in gardens.

Sustainable Futures

As an accredited eco-school, ISA values working together as a community to ensure a sustainable and viable future for all people. We actively encourage our community to take part in both local and global sustainable initiatives. Joining the Gemeente Amstelveen’s ‘Grow Your Own Tree’ project in collaboration with our neighbouring Dutch schools is an essential step towards ensuring that our local community is green, sustainable and eco-friendly for all of its residents. By working together, we can all help to keep Amstelveen green and full of trees! Good luck to all the new ISA plant mamas and papas who get involved with the initiative.

We would love to see how your trees are doing and feature them on the ISA Instagram account, so make sure to send photos of your trees progress to