Excellent DP Results for Class of 2015

In early July, we received the IB Diploma results for the Class of 2015 and once again they are something to make us all proud.

This year 98% of our diploma candidates achieved the full diploma (51 out of 52) with a total average score of 34 points. ISA’s average grade was 5.35 points while the world average was 4.99 and 39% of our diploma candidate’s obtained 36 points or more, which comes to an average of 6 points per student.

In total 9 of our diploma candidates obtained 40 points or more, with 2 having obtained nearly perfect scores with totals of 44 points.

Additionally, 91% of this year’s diploma candidates received one or more bonus points for their work in Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay. Lastly, 39 % of our diploma candidates received a bi-lingual diploma.



Duke of Edinburgh Award Dates 2015-16

The dates for the ISA Duke of Edinburgh Award practices and finals are now available. ISA students have been participating in the international award programme for over 17 years and have gained invaluable life skills from the programme challenges. 

Bronze-level practice will be from 8-10 October, 2015 and the final will be from 4-7 May, 2016. Silver practice will be from 16-20 October, 2015 and the final will be from 12-16 May, 2016. Gold practice will be from 22-27 March, 2016 and the final will be from 15-21 April, 2016.

Lower School EAL Parent Sessions

On August 31, ISA hosted parent sessions covering the ISA English as an Additional Language programme.

The programme, while open for all parents, was geared towards parents of children who are still acquiring English as an additional language. The sessions were also provided in English, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Russian.

A sincere thank you to all parent volunteers who helped to bring this programme to our community

Early Childhood School Start Date Information

School starts for all ISA students on 20 August 2015.  We would like to remind parents of returning ISA students in Early Childhood and Kindergarten that their children will only attend half-days for the first five days of the new school year. Full-time attendance for these returning students will begin on 27 August.

New children starting in the Nursery programme will have a differently scheduled school starting date.  Nursery families should check their email for more information on the starting date schedule.

ISA Raises €13,600 to Aid Nepal Earthquake Victims

In response to the massive earthquake that struck Nepal in April which killed over 8,500 and injured scores more, the ISA community mobilised to raise funds to benefit the victims of the tragedy.

“As the major international relief organisations are already benefiting from large-scale donations, we have chosen to support a local charity, which works specifically with children” noted Dr. Ed Greene, ISA Director.

“The DOCS Foundation Nepal (The Destitute and Orphan Children Safeguarding Foundation Nepal) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organisation established in 2002. This organisation, which is known to a member of our community with strong ties to Nepal, is already bringing relief to victims: providing shelter, food and healthcare in extremely harsh conditions. ISA would like to support their work directly, so that all the money raised at ISA for this appeal will benefit children whose lives have been devastated by not only losing their families but also their homes and all means of support.”

The ISA student and parent communities hosted a variety of events including bake and rummage sales, as well as  food sales from the Japanese Relief and Philippines Relief clubs. The parent fundraising group, SHARE,  also donated a portion of the profits from their Gala fundraising event to generate funds for the campaign.

In total so far, ISA raised more than 13,600 euros, which will directly benefit the orphans of the DOCS Foundation Nepal.

To donate to help the ISA Nepali Relief for DOCS Foundation Nepal, send your donation to “ISA NEPALI RELIEF”

International School of Amsterdam in Amstelveen
IBAN: NL40ABNA0467218382
Reference: ISA Nepali Relief

ISA & JAI Host Discussion On Ivy League Admissions Policies

In May, ISA in cooperation with the John Adams Institute, The Ivy Circle and the Harvard NL Club, hosted a speaker session to discuss the timely topic of exclusiveness in American college and university admissions policies.

The session, Who Gets In, What Comes Out: Accessibility and Responsibility of Top Education, featured Jerome Karabel, renowned author of Chosen: The Hidden History of Admission and Exclusion at Harvard, Yale and Princeton  and Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Professor of Economics at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and was moderated by ISA parent and Chair of the Ivy Circle Netherlands, Hollis Kurman.

Comparison of the highly selective admissions policies of Ivy League and other elite universities was made to the more standardised and transparent policies of Dutch universities and arguments for both were presented. The role of grants, financial aid and the reality of the economic opportunities post-graduation were also explored with a view to finding answers to the growing challenge of equal opportunity for all in the pursuit of higher education.