MYP Service as Action

The Service as Action programme is a part of the MYP core curriculum which engages all students in grades 6 through 10. It encourages learners to be caring members of the community through action and service and teaches students how to take action on issues of importance through the Service Learning Cycle:

  • an investigation into an issue
  • preparation for action
  • taking action
  • reflection
  • demonstration

In grades 6-8, students begin to identify their own strengths and areas for growth and learn how they can use their skills and knowledge in service of others. They engage in a variety of school and local community-based service projects, delivered through the homeroom program, and are encouraged to take action and undertake challenges that develop new skills.

In grades 9-10, students build upon the fundamental skills established in the first three years of the MYP by persevering in action and committing to longer-term service experiences that are increasingly independent.

They engage more frequently in student-planned initiatives; they collaborate with peers, teachers and community resources, both local and global; they are asked to consider the ethical implications of their actions and develop international-mindedness through global engagement.

For more information on the MYP Service as Action programme contact

Rachel Bodily

ISA MYP Service as Action Coordinator