Education through international understanding is the guiding mission of the International School of Amsterdam. For years it has served as a catalyst for sparking positive change and action within, and beyond, the ISA international community.

In 1998, ISA launched SHARE, a collaborative working group of parent volunteers and members of the ISA faculty who coordinate the school’s many charitable initiatives. Their aim is to connect and consolidate the various charitable activities within the school community.

Making a difference

SHARE supports student fundraising initiatives for charities of their choice. This is done on a discretionary basis, by augmenting or matching student-raised funds.

This continued commitment has allowed our students and the wider ISA community to become deeply involved with creating positive social change and to observe a real impact from their fundraising and helping others.

SHARE organises a number of fundraising events throughout the school year, which have historically generated in excess of 20,000 euros annually. Through SHARE, sizeable contributions are made annually to charitable projects, large and small, as a result of the variety of fundraising initiatives.

Visit our SHARE website to learn more