Project Zero

Visible Thinking

A Culture of Thinking

At ISA we foster curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning that inspires students to look beyond simple answers and facts, to pursue truth and understanding. We cultivate students’ thinking skills and learning dispositions in ways that lead to greater self-awareness, genuine open-mindedness, and deeper content learning.

At ISA we have established a “culture of thinking” through our 17-year collaboration with Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero and its Visible Thinking Network. It is the project’s mission “to help create communities of reflective, independent learners; to enhance deep understanding within disciplines, and to promote critical and creative thinking.”

As one of the project’s collaborating schools, ISA’s Centre for Development, Learning and Technology has become a site for biannual “Culture of Thinking” conferences led by Ron Ritchhart, Ph.D. and others from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, and attended by educators from around the world.

In the years since this collaboration began, ISA faculty and students have benefited tremendously from this approach; and integrated integrating the project’s core practices across grade levels and subject areas to guide students in making their thinking visible and their learning a shared, collaborative process.

ISA’s Project Zero and Visible Thinking

For more information on ISA’s Project Zero initiative and Visible Thinking routines contact ISA Project Zero and Lower School Curriculum Coordinator, Lisa Verkerk at