Grade 11 students have the option, under certain circumstances, to enrol in an online IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) course through the Pamoja online learning platform. Through Pamoja, students will have a wider range of IB courses to choose from and more agency with regards to when and where they study for these courses.

Pamoja is an online learning platform that allows students to take certain IBDP subject courses in addition to the courses they are taking on-site at ISA. Pamoja is the only provider approved by the International Baccalaureate Organization to provide online IBDP courses. Through Pamoja, schools are able to provide more personalized learning opportunities for some students and foster and support student agency with regards to their learning. Completing a course online creates an additional opportunity for students to gain extensive experience in online learning tools that will prove useful as they continue their studies and pursue their career path.

IBDP courses offered by Pamoja cover the same content and prepare students for the same assessments as traditional, face-to-face, courses. Results attained through Pamoja have the same status for university admissions as a course taught in a traditional classroom. Courses are taught by experienced teachers and students benefit from one-to-one contact with their designated teacher, who is also specifically trained in digital learning strategies. Students will be learning alongside other students located all over the world. A site-based coordinator at ISA helps monitor student progress and provides additional face-to-face support. Courses offered through Pamoja will appear on a student’s ISA transcript and, as an official IBDP course, contribute to the student’s Diploma Programme. For more information on the specific courses offered by Pamoja, please see the Pamoja website.

ISA Pamoja Site Director

Vikki Keulers
Upper School Counsellor