After School and Vacation Care Programme

The ISA After School Care Service is a wrap-around, on-site care system that caters seamlessly for students from the start of the school day until 18:00, maintaining the same quality standards of care students experience during their school day. In addition, a Vacation Care service will run from 9:00-17:00 during school breaks.

Who is it for?

The After School Service is available for all students enrolled in Pre-School to Grade 5. There are two groups within the After School Care Service: Pre-School – Grade 1 and Grades 2-5, offering various age-appropriate activities to suit the differing needs of the students.

Flexible Provision

ISA provides a flexible After School Care registration system that allows parents to sign up for the day(s) of the week they require care on a seasonal basis. The seasonal sign up will run alongside the majority of Extracurricular Activity registrations to enable families to change sign up requirements every season if they wish. Priority for sign up for further seasons will be given to families already using the After School Care system. All students must be signed up for the service through the registration system to ensure that we meet legal staffing requirements. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate ad hoc care.

Vacation Care

ISA will open registration for the Vacation Care sign up later this summer. A student enrolled in the After School Care programme will have priority on the Vacation Care enrollment. There will also be the possibility to sign up for full-day vacation care, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in the After School Care programme. Sign up is on a week-by-week basis. Families are asked to supply lunch apart from Friday, where the school will provide lunch.


The After School Care service is in the Early Years basement area of the school. The group will have full access to kitchen facilities, creative arts facilities, science/mathematical tabletop activities, construction and engineering activities, outside play spaces, and reading/quiet areas. In addition, fully equipped outside recess play spaces will be used. Students will have dedicated storage areas and coat hooks to store personal items, and fully equipped bathroom facilities are located within the After School Care area.


Students will be offered a complete programme of activities that caters for their cognitive, communicative, physical, emotional and social wellbeing, aiming to ensure that they are active, make connections, and develop curiosity and creativity. Meaningful provocations and experiences will be planned through various learning styles such as individual, small, and large group activities. These experiences will have links to learning appropriate to the group’s age ranges and will help students develop their understanding of science, math, communication, visual and performing arts, physical movement, developing the sense of self, and developing consideration for others. Participation in activities will be voluntary but encouraged and monitored by the After School Care team to ensure the activities meet the needs of individual student participation.

Personal Care

Qualified personnel will care for all of the students regarding hygiene, safety and nourishment. A healthy snack and drink will be ready for the students on arrival after the school day has finished. Students from Pre- School – Grade 1 will be escorted to the After School care services by school faculty. Students from Grades 2-5 will be guided to the After School Care hub for the first few weeks until they are confident enough to walk themselves to the group. Normal school processes will be followed to ensure that all students are accounted for, including full registration of the student every day.

Attending ISA Extracurricular Activities and Sports

Students in the After School Programme will also have access to any signed up extracurricular sports, arts, music academy and language academy activities on the ISA campus beginning before 17:00. The After School Care staff will be responsible for escorting students back from After School activities to the After School area. Where needed, students will also be escorted to extracurricular activities.

Parental Pick-Up

There will be a system for flexible student pick up anytime ranging from 16:30-18:00. If a parent wishes to pick up their child/ren earlier than 17:45, they will need to walk to the After School Hub for pick up. All other students will be picked up from the main parking from 17:50-18:00 using a drive-by system.

Staffing Qualifications

All after school care staff will have yearly child protection, child safeguarding and first aid training. Ms. Rosa Middendorf has been appointed as the After School Care Coordinator and is responsible for overseeing the students’ care, staffing, and programme. All staff members of After School Care have child care experience and qualifications.

Meeting Dutch Law Requirements

The After School care will meet all existing school safety and Dutch legal requirements regarding equipment used, staffing ratios and police checks.


The cost for the school year 2022-2023 is €19,15 per student per day. All students enrolled in Pre-School – Grade 5 are eligible for the service. Please note that families are not eligible for a tax rebate (kinderopvangtoeslag). We have reflected this in our pricing per session.

Who can I contact?

Please contact with any questions regarding payments. For any other questions and general inquiries, please contact

ISA After School Care Coordinator

Rosa Middendorf