Accessing the ISA Campus for the SAT 

All visitors must have an approved reason for visiting the campus – an appointment with a member of faculty or staff, a confirmed registration for SAT testing or approved business service.

An email request should be sent to our ISA Security Team to receive a health declaration form. The email should include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Purpose of visit – or copy of registration confirmation for SAT
  • If travelling from abroad (date of entry into the Netherlands). NOTE: This must be a minimum of 14 days BEFORE entering the campus. Anyone who cannot produce proof of entry for this time period will not be allowed to access the campus.

Complete and submit the Health Declaration Form sent to you by ISA Security

If your request is approved, please be sure to print or save your confirmation so that you can show it when accessing the campus. You should also have a photo ID that matches the information provided in the email request letter and health form.