The Summer Project

Comments from some ISA students at the completion of the project.

"A shocking and amazing experience"

"I have learned that some of my ideals are not as necessary as I previously thought"

"I learned more from the Maasai girls in three weeks than they could ever learn from me in a lifetime"


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Planning and Preparation

Throughout the year students and staff involved in the project meet regularly to plan and organise the summer programme. Within the preparations, time is also given to exploring and sharing personal expectations as well as expectations we have of each other. Students are encouraged to write down their initial expectations so that these can be reflected on at the end of the trip. During these sessions many aspects are covered to try to ensure that the group concerned are ready for the cultural experience.

An ISA student working with a MGLSS student during an English lesson

The Summer Programme

The daily routine follows a fairly strict timetable with lessons taking place in the morning and afternoon followed by an evening programme. Each day the ISA group meet to reflect on the days happenings and plan for the following day. The programme is related as much as possible to the environment in which the MGLSS students live. The subjects offered have included English, Maths, Science, First Aid, Sketching, Sports and Arts and Crafts. Students from ISA assist the teacher by working closely with the MGLSS students.

A First Aid lesson

Close observations.


A volleyball session

A Science lesson

Student-run activities

As well as assisting the teachers in lessons, ISA students have planned and run their own arts and crafts activity, given talks about their own countries and organised activities for the evening programme.

Learning about the USA

Making a bag in sewing session.

A dance session.

In addition to the main teaching programme.....

Cultural Evening

For the last few years MGLSS has organised a Maasai cultural evening for the ISA group. This gives a wonderful insight into rich culture of the Maasai. The MGLSS students demonstrated several of their childhood games, acted out scenes showing aspects of their lifestyle, traditions and customs.

Form 1 girls perform for ISA as part of their cultural evening

Trip to a National Park

Watching elephants

During the project, using money raised by the PTA we go on a day trip to one of the national parks. This trip is the only opportunity that the MGLSS students have during their entire school life to visit a national park.

A trip to a Maasai Engang

We also visit one of the students' homes in an "engang." This is a remarkable experience and enables us to see the Maasai in their native environment. We see traditional Maasai singing and dancing which are very important aspects of their lives

A Maasai girl. The face markings show that she is going through the initiation into womanhood.

Traditional dancing

At a Maasai engang

Just being together

During the time at the Maasae Girls school friendships are made and contact is maintained after the project. The close contact that the ISA students have with the MGLSS girls enables our students to see how the the maasai live and to learn about their rich and diverse culture. The MGLSS students who previously have had little or no contact with foreigners likewise learn more about our cultures and lifestyles.

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A trip to the local market in Monduli


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